Top Tips To Be On Time

Posted : Saturday 9th February 2013

Allow plenty of time for your journey to work

Plan your route and ensure you have added extra time for walking or travelling.

Ensure you get up immediately your alarm clock goes off.

The temptation is to hit the snooze button and have a little extra time in bed.

Decide what you want to wear the night before and sort out your bag.

So that everything is together and ready for you to wear the following day.

Synchronise devices

These days you can synchronise most mobile devices, such as your calender and contacts so that meetings are scheduled with prior alarm warnings.

Find your keys

Countless numbers of people spend around 20 minutes or more in the morning trying to find their keys and mobile phones wasting precious time and causing late arrivals.

Route planning

If you are visiting a place that you have not been to before ensure that you have an accurate route in mind as to how to reach your destination.

Arrive early

Arriving early is the most effective piece of advice.

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